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Bathroom Lighting Tips

  • Choose where your task lighting needs to be, the areas where you need additional light like the sink where make up is put on and shaving occurs
  • Choose where your accent light will be, the possible areas that create interest, such as lighting a picture or highlighting and emphasising the architecture
  • Create ambient light with well recessed downlights
The layering of these three types of lighting is important in any room, with no exception in the bathroom. Try and control each of these types of light separately on individual circuits if you can for greater control and flexibility.

Task Lighting
The mirror is where you need great light to see yourself clearly to perform daily tasks such as putting on make up and shaving. Create an even wash of light over the face by positioning wall lights either side of the mirror or use a mirror that has integral lighting.

A flattering colour of light to illuminate the face is a warm white and not a cold white so often generated from fluorescent lamps. Flourescent lamps can give a similar colour of white generated by traditional incandescant lamps.

Accent Lighting
Try Using a downlight adjusted to highlight a picture or feature, to create a focal point of interest. Every room really should have focal points of light that shine brightest to capture the eyes attention. Elements of the architecture when lit create an amosphere and ambience that is flattering for the room. Light the chrome of the taps with a downlight, give the shower a sparkle with an overhead downlight. Wash the wall behind the mirror with concealed LED strips with their 'driver' in the correct place. A night light is really useful when using the bathroom in the night. Usually LED, a soft glow washes the floor when the user triggers the motion detector when walking in.

Ambient Lighting

A general level of light is required to give an overall satisfactory light level. This higher level of illumination needs to be able to be turned off leaving the accent and task lighting on, creating a comfortable mood for bathing and relaxing. Downlights generally are used, opt for well recessed lamps to minimise any possible glare.

Different Levels
Try and please the users eye by creating different levels of light. The eye enjoys pockets of light, being drawn first to the brightest part. Use the brightest part as a focal point. Light should also be used in varying heights and ways, to create areas of shadow and light.

The correct level of protection from water within the design of a light is critical. Make sure you are fully aware of the current regulations.

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