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Lighting at a Human Level
A successful lighting scheme for any interior will have a variety of factors that contribute to it's appeal. A key one which must be included is creating pockets of light that are at a human level. 

What do I mean?


All good lighting designs are made up of layers of light, light at physically different levels and different levels of intensity.

Broadly speaking I make sure there is illumination on the ceiling or at the ceiling, light at a low level and light in the middle – at our height.

It’s easy to forget to do this if we rely upon downlights for our main source of light. The problem with downlights only is that they bring all the light from above which becomes one dimensional and unflattering.

We need light at our level, at a human level, to illuminate us in a more flattering way.

So what are some of the ways to do this?

An obvious one is a wall light, typically positioned at about head height but what if the interior doesn’t suit wall lights or there isn’t any space for them?

We have to be more cunning and throw light into our space. It could be washing a wall from a downlight where the reflected light bounces down to us.

It could be a floor mounted uplighter in a doorway, where the light catches against the architrave or up the wall.

1.5m high floor lights do the job well too. Think about illuminating shelving too as they bring an opportunity to position light at our level.

You might find it helpful to picture light as wrapping itself around us and a key to success is to do so from a variety of directions to bring a balance. Do remember that as users of a space surely we should be lit well too?

(some images used for demonstration purposes only, these are not Orange Lighting projects. Credit to SHH for some of them)


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