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"I am on a mission to put lighting on the map. A campaign to elevate lighting as a design element within an interior - to the status of wall coverings, carpets and furnishings!"

invite all professionals that agree to join the the Facebook group ‘See the Light’ or to register through my website – I  promise it will be a journey of change - to restore lighting to a key element within interior design."

  •  To increase the importance of lighting in the design of interiors and exteriors.
  • To excite, educate and facilitate designers, decorators and architects, with the use of lighting in our built environment
  • To make the general public aware of lighting in their environment whether it be for work, enjoyment, leisure and health.
  • To encourage everyone to express themselves through light in a similar way as they do through their choice of colours or fabrics.
  •  To make people aware of the designer’s agenda when specifying lighting, so that they can have an informed opinion and therefore feel confident to contribute to the design process.
  • To increase the exchange of lighting techniques world-wide.
  •  To emphasise the importance of lighting and daylight in people’s lives and well being – making it a crucial issue to demand the right light!

Please join our Facebook campaign above or register your interest. Join us! 

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